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Some Good News!

We’ve just completed a weekend with Bro. Martin Schmaltz teaching on Apostolic Authority. I must say it has been very beneficial for our assembly. (We also had him in our home-group meeting on Sat. which was an additional blessing for all involved.) The teaching was outstanding and the Sunday night meeting brought some pleasant happenings as well. While there were quite a few that claimed…


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Litul 'citement!

I want to share a little news here from the good ol' Bluegrass State of Kentucky. Here is a very condensed version:

My niece and her husband went with a bunch of workers in a very nearby town this past weekend. They went out on the streets of downtown Ashland in the night time and pulled a horse trough full of water on a trailer behind a Jeep. By the time the weekend was over, they had baptized 40 people in Jesus' Name and 110 people received the Holy Ghost. This was happening right… Continue

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What You Can Do to Prevent Forced Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations.

Though things are not looking so well, this is something that is well worth the time to look at:

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The Trial of Jesus

This complete article may be read at this link:


From a Speech by Hon. Harry Fogle*

Edited by Frederick Graves

© 2002 by Frederick Graves – All Rights Reserved

There is so much mysticism and confusion surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection that

we lose sight of the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was a man tried before a court of men under

laws of men, that he was convicted and executed as a… Continue

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The Emperer's New Clothes

(There are many forces against the church…trying to separate the church from God…separate the church from its leadership…or separate the church from both.

In the Old Testament, a man by the name of Levi was the father of the Levites. The Levites were the ministers of the Word of God. Guess whose descendants Moses and Aaron were. That’s right; they were “Levi’s”!)

Now, I’ve ‘bout had it with some of these fables and fairy tales. Have you ever heard the story of The… Continue

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Portunt Nownsmunt Everee Won!

Kum Janyoowary leventh, 2 thowsand n neyen, us'nz n dis heer nek uh da wudz in Kintukee haz a bran nu litul babee grandotter. Yep, shor nuf! If'n ya kin skrol arown on da paj uh litul bit ye kin C sum pikchurs of da litul bugger. Sheee kaim n2 dis wurl a reelee litin'em hav hit at da top o hur lungs. Sheez got har az blak az a litul nativ Mercan Injun. Must’uh got dat frum hur daddee, Steeevee. She tipt dem dar skails n at sevun pownz 'n 5 o dem dar ounsus 2 go wythe awl dem… Continue

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