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From a Speech by Hon. Harry Fogle*
Edited by Frederick Graves
© 2002 by Frederick Graves – All Rights Reserved

There is so much mysticism and confusion surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection that
we lose sight of the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was a man tried before a court of men under
laws of men, that he was convicted and executed as a man, and that for sheer drama the trial ofJesus surely matches any of the great courtroom stories in the history of human justice.
I approach this subject as a lawyer, not a theologian. I urge you to research on your own the
theological aspects of the events. I think it leads to better spiritual insight to have a lawyer’s
view of the processes of law that culminated in the death of Jesus on Calvary’s cruel cross.

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(* Judge Fogle served on the bench of the Circuit Court of Pinellas County in St.Petersburg, Florida nearly all his professional life until his death in 1993. His scholarship is unquestioned. His experience is complete. He judged both criminal and civil trials, experiencing in his career the most troubling human issues yet ruling with such wisdom and dedication to the principles of due process and the Rule of Law that he was loved and revered by all who knew him. In this essay Judge Fogle presents the trial of Jesus from the perspective of a man whose life was dedicated to justice and committed to the cause of human liberty and peace. His is an insight every concerned citizen should carefully
consider before attacking the processes of our legal system that alone can promote protection from tyranny. Justice is hard-won. The price of truth is vigilance and education, sometimes touched with suffering, but always seeking the goal of improving our system of laws for future generations through understanding and commitment to the cause of
love that ever must be served by leaders exercising wisdom and restraint.)

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