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I want to share a little news here from the good ol' Bluegrass State of Kentucky. Here is a very condensed version:

My niece and her husband went with a bunch of workers in a very nearby town this past weekend. They went out on the streets of downtown Ashland in the night time and pulled a horse trough full of water on a trailer behind a Jeep. By the time the weekend was over, they had baptized 40 people in Jesus' Name and 110 people received the Holy Ghost. This was happening right out on the sidewalks.

A policeman came and told them to stop what they were doing. After some questioning, he called the chief of police. He came out and investigated, told them they were in a dangerous area of town where people may come out with guns. This didn't stop them. So...the chief of police appointed that policeman plus two others to go with them for protection!

They found one couple coming out of a restaraunt, baptized them, they both received the Holy Ghost and followed them...praying with others. They took names and phone numbers to follow up to teach them Bible lessons and get them to assemble together with them. The new ones were just joining in and helping do what had just happened to them - instant discipleship! LOL!!! They had a blast!!!

Mentioning this to some co-workers Monday, they said they had heard about this happening. One told me even where the group was at. Right on mains street in downtown Ashland! This is better advertisement than a flyer or radio!

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