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“Faith faith faith, just a little bit of faith. You don’t need a whole lot, just use what you’ve Got. “ Who ever wrote the lyrics to this song: I wonder if they really listened to what they were saying? It seems that they are implying that faith is this magical, mystical elixir that just “a little dab will do ya!” I don’t know, maybe they have a better understanding, but this is not the faith that I see in the word.

The faith I read of is something that takes us on a process of discovery; an illumination into our innermost fears and the awesomeness of a loving God.

The initiation of this faith process is many times an exciting one. God speaks to us or “calls” us to some “thing.” We rejoice that He desires to use us, Wow! What the Lord may not tell us at that moment or we fail to hear is something like this: “I can use you, but not where and how you are right now, you need to leave this place.” The calling is to leave what and where we are and follow Him to another place. Sounds good until we walk a few miles on this journey.

This faith journey does not take us on the well-traveled expressways; but the meandering lonely dirt roads of life are where we find ourselves. And I might add without a road map! Oh don’t get me wrong, the Lord knows the way, he just doesn’t show us.

It is on these isolated back roads, by ourselves, that we begin to discover what is in us. This is where WE (the self) begin to wrestle with our FAITH. You see, faith is not some emotional high or repeating to yourself how much you believe God is able to …… (fill in whatever the situation may be). Faith is the belief, trust and COURAGE to ACT or CONTINUE the journey even when the road is rough, desolate or even none existent (at least to us).

I think of individuals who have traveled this journey, like Abram. God spoke to him – woohoo! But what did he say? Leave – your family, friends, and country – everything familiar to you. I can imagine a possible dialog like the following. “Where am I going Lord?” “Don’t worry, I will show you.” “But how will I know where to go?” “Just start walking.” “How will I know when I get there?” “Just start walking.” “But God?” “If you believe me, just start walking.” So we see Abram demonstrated his faith by action – he took a literal step of faith.

It was on this journey of faith; we see a revelation of what was in Abram. Twice he lied about his relationship with his wife – “she’s my sister.” Well, at least it was a half-truth – justification. In a time of weakness he followed Sarai’s advice and took matters into his own hand: we know the long-term affects of that. Yet in the end, God fulfilled His word and Abraham received his promise.

Joseph is another example. A young boy with a dream from God. Yet his faith journey was one of literal bondage. Ps 105: 17-19 gives insight into what God was doing in him during this process. Joseph revealed his understanding of God’s plans when he told brothers: “what you meant for my harm God meant for my good.”

So faith is a journey of discovery: it is doing when we don’t see the end, it is stepping when we don’t see the path, it is continuing when we don’t know the way. Faith is not so much about what I believe; it is about what I do.

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Comment by Nancy Vass on October 2, 2010 at 11:25am
Thank you for this post! It was very encouraging!

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