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So I have finished the makeover on this house and we now have it on the market. To help make the sale, a key step is to stage the house. The idea of staging is to place furniture, pictures and decorations in key places to give the prospective buyer an idea of how they could arrange the house. When done correctly, you find they will begin to discuss how their furniture would fit in the particular room.

One of the components of staging is the outside, particularly the front door: in real estate terms it is called “curb appeal.” This may actually be the most important part of staging. Curb appeal is how the house is viewed from the street. It is the place where the average people go buy and it is the first impression of the home. Done right, curb appeal is an invitation; it grabs the attention and says “this is what you are looking for!” It is a strong magnet, drawing those who pass by to come in and explore the rest of the house.

The better the curb appeal, the more likely for people to enter the front door.

One day, while sitting at my office (Starbucks) a pastor friend and I were discussing a particular ministry he was developing in the assembly he was leading. His comment was it was to be the front door of the church. This got my mind going. I began to think about “the front door” and the idea of “curb appeal.”

The front door to the church is not glassed commercial double doors, stained doors or solid wood doors. Neither is the front door to the church some particular program, ministry or mode of evangelism. The front door to the church is you and I!

Let me clarify this a little more. Contrary to traditional religion, the church is not a building were people gather one day a week to partake of some religious performance. The church is the body of born again believers who have been called out to exercise the authority of Jesus Christ, thereby demonstrating the miraculous power of His Kingdom. In short, the church is you and I!

As the church, we are the representatives of Jesus and his kingdom. It is how we present ourselves (staging) that determines if the church is attractive to others. Breaking it down, the way we live our lives, manage our homes, how we interact with those around us; this is the “curb appeal” of the church (or kingdom). In the day-to-day rub of ordinary life, we find we have an opportunity to make Jesus and his church attractive to others. When we respond to the situations of life as Jesus would, we are presenting an attractive front door for individuals to enter. Obviously, the more attractive I make Jesus, the more people will want to enter.

So, I guess this brings a up a question for all of us to address:
How inviting is my "curb appeal?"

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