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Why We Do Not Recieve Our Miracles - Part 1

One of the pluses of traveling is you have time to think and ruminate over things. As I am returning from the Philippines, I have been thinking about the miraculous things God did. To those who were hungry He imparted an understanding and ability to operate in apostolic authority. In two services, there were those who received healings. Longstanding health issues were instantly eliminated; back, leg, should and heart problems to name a few. Yet there were those who did not receive a… Continue

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Would You Let Your Child Drive Your Car?

The obvious answer to the above question is NO!! In fact, you may even think that is a dumb question. My follow up question is: “Why not?” Now you’re really thinking I’m a few fries short of a happy meal. You reply, “Because they are not old enough!” The reality is, a child is not mature enough to be trusted with the responsibility and power of an automobile, they still act like children.

In his first letter to the church at Corinth, Paul addressed the people as infants. They were… Continue

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