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I'm just sharing a thought that I came to this morning. I've looked at some "Christian" Social Networks of late such as "Churchbud", "Holypal", and even one called the "Black Preaching Network", and there are many more.


Just these three alone have almost 9,000 members, close to 14,000 members, and over 48,000 members respectively, and the latter was just started this year!


Now, I'm not concerned about the numbers really. No, I get it.  "Broad is the way, and narrow is the gate and all that. . . I get it.


What did strike me though is how little that we all use what could be a valuable resource to us to learn from each other, help each other, share with each other, and build each other up.  I really don't expect my little soapbox event to change anything much.  I have also been an offender in this so I'm preaching to me too.


I said to our men the other day; "wouldn't it be nice if we just had one or two other assemblies in Maine that saw it the way we see it?" Think of the fellowship and support and sharing, teaching, learning, etc. Don't we have that similar opportunity here?


By the way I joined the Black Preaching Network! I'm interested to see if they approve me and give me access.  Their site said that they are an "Online Community Celebrating Black Preaching".  I celebrate black preaching!


I would like to talk to all of the Prophets, Apostles, Bishops, Doctors of Divinity, Reverends, and His Excellence Archbishops. Not in a hateful self-righteous way, attacking as I have seen some do, but in a direct, truth-in-love sort of way regardless of how they respond.  If accepted it will be interesting how long they'll let me stay.


What's gong on with everyone?  Are we talking it up with others and sharing in our home states what we have come to believe, and what we have learned?


Our assembly may have an opportunity though David Capostosto, to reach out and teach another assembly and their current pastor who recently reached out to us for a need.  Please keep us in prayer for that.


I do think that many of us can become too careful to say things that might offend others.  I think that we need to speak out, go out on a limb, sacrifice ourselves a little. In love of course. What do you think?


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Update: The "Holypal" and the "Black Preaching Network" never allowed me to join to date. The is very disconcerting. I guess they knew I was trouble. :-)

A bit off topic but is your Church in the Bangor area? My daughter just moved there. Would like to be able to point her to a Church.

I'm sure that there is a UPCI Church up there, but I think we might be about the only assembly in the state that is working towards collegial eldership. I'm not sure about home groups. David Capotosto may be a good person to ask. He is more connected in that regard than I am I think.

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