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Reports from the Apostolic Re-formation Conference?

I'm just checking in (after a long absence from this forum) to see how the conference went. Any comments from the attendees?

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Thanks for starting this Forum, Bro. Steve. I am also eager to hear from those in attendance, especially now that they have had a couple of weeks to let it all perculate a bit. As for me, I enjoyed every moment of it. Some really good things happened in our small groups and the teaching was over all excellent and motivating. I especially appreciated the teachings of Don Rumble. He challenged me to enlarge my think about the church as we head into the last days.

Sounds great, Bro Dave. I'd like to hear more from the folks who were there.

Yes I would like to hear the vision of Don Rumble as well. Does he have a website?

I recently re-read Apostolic and Prophetic Foundations by Don Rumble.  An excellent book, it made me more sorry that I wasn't able to be at this year's conference.  One of the outstanding points he was making was the importance of elders meeting for prayer and fellowship, not just planning. So important, I think. Did he deal with that this year?  Dave, in what ways did he challenge you to enlarge your thinking?

Was it presented by anyone that there must be a great revival and restoration if Christ is coming for a glorious Church? We have a long way to go to get there from where we are.

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