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On October 14, 2010, at our recent conference in Carlisle, papers were presented in favor of the Pretribulation Rapture and the Posttribulation Rapture. Formal responses were presented to both papers. After all papers had been read, we then opened things up for questions and discussion. You may read the paper favoring the pretrib view and the response by clicking the files below. Please post your thoughts on this discussion board. You can listen to audio recordings of these papers being read and the discussion that followed by going to the Audio Library on


Pretribulation Rapture by David Capotosto.pdf


Response to Pretrib Rapture by Jim Moses.pdf


Please limit your comments on this discussion board to the topics presented in these papers. We have set up other discussion boards for the other topics presented at the conference.





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Bro. Jim has provided a response, but perhaps for the sake of time, he did not touch on the argument that the apostasia of 2 Thess. 2:3 implies the rapture of the church. I would like to touch on a few things in the dissertation, but I had already written a response to the apostasia theory in January 2010. For those interested, I have copied that response to my blog here on the Glorious Church Ning site.

The Apostasia of 2 Thess. 2:3 is the Rapture?

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