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On October 14, 2010, at our recent conference in Carlisle, papers were presented in favor of the Pretribulation Rapture and the Posttribulation Rapture. Formal responses were presented to both papers. After all papers had been read, we then opened things up for questions and discussion. You may read the paper favoring the posttrib view and the response by clicking the files below. Please post your thoughts on this discussion board. You can listen to audio recordings of these papers being read and the discussion that followed by going to the Audio Library on


Posttribulation Rapture by Jamie Hulsey.pdf


Response to Posttrib by Nigel Brown.doc


Please limit your comments on this discussion board to the topics presented in these papers. We have set up other discussion boards for the other topics presented at the conference.

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Its unfortunate that so few Apostolic Churches teach the post tribulation rapture. There is abundant scriptural backing for it. It helps greatly if we understand that Jesus teaching in Matt. 24 is not just for Jews. That seems to be the error in foundation of pre trib doctrine.

When I became a disciple back in the 70's it was through reading a book called "Late Great Planet Earth" a pre trib book. I was very happy to think I would not have to go through the time of the mark of the Beast. I went out and preached this everywhere anyone would listen!

About a year and a half later a Brother shared with me something I had not studied. He began taking me through scripture and showing the coming of Jesus would be after the trib instead of before. The pre trib doctrine seemed to collapse under the weight of the scriptures he gave me.

I was glad to have been able to hear the truth. But it sure has made it hard to find a likeminded Church!
I'm great-full to God for men who are willing to spend time and search the Scriptures for in them there is eternal life. Having live all my life hearing only the pre-trib doctrine, it is a breath of fresh air to hear the truth of the Bible. I came across this truth myself a few years ago after carefully studying the gospel of Matthew and realized something that Jesus would return "immediately after the tribulation of those days" and thought to myself then why do people preach a pre-trib rapture, of course being the only one I knew for sure who believed the post-trib rapture my voice was a bit lost in the crowd, so to hear this finally being put into perspective, with so mu ch Scriptural backings, I say thanks to the Great God that grants to man revelation and understanding in His word. I never believed that it was God's intention to hide these thing from them that loved Him and are called by His name. It's only a pity more Apostolic churches refuse to see this truth. God bless you for sharing this truth.

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