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Ideas for the Glorious Church Conference 2011

Please post your ideas and suggestions for our 2011 conference here. The tentative dates are October 5-8.  

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Good Morning Guys,

I really like the setting of this place, that's enough for me : ) I think this place could be helpful for those with young children to be able to just step outside and take a walk to release some energy. As well as the afternoon time you mention to relax/fellowship for everyone. The cost seems EXCELLENT, as we paid about 200 each for a room at the Best Western, not including the meals.

Would this eliminate the HFG experience? I think all of those attending have been or are a part of a Home Group, but that could change. What are your thoughts for Thur & Fri eve?

I also wonder about it concluding on Sat and trying to get a flight out to be back home on Sun?? As it has been ending on Fri at noon allowed some time to sight see on Fri and maybe a little on Sat and you could still fly out by 3 or 4pm. For us it could be the three pastors gone and nobody at home??

All of that being said we would try to bring 3-6 people at either location.

I like it! Looks very nice and it's affordable. Great time of the year to enjoy the surroundings as well.


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