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Greetings brethren!  With Glorious Church Conference coming up in a few days, I thought it might be helpful to start a discussion thread to discuss some of our thoughts going into the conference.  Are there any particular things you are looking to get/learn from the conference?  With the doctrinal topics that are going to be discussed on Thursday, are there any questions you are looking to have answered?


This discussion exists to get ideas out in preparation for the conference, and to see who will be there and what our objectives are. 


As for me, I'm looking forward to the discussion on the pre- vs. post- trib rapture on Thursday.  I've held the post-trib view since I became apostolic, but since my pastor is presenting the pre-trib paper and since we have had a series of lessons on the endtimes in Biddeford, I am beginning to question my view.  I am open to changing my view, but I would prefer to get to keep the view that I currently hold, so I am hoping for a good post-trib paper and a good pre-trib response paper to present a convincing argument.  But, again, I want to be open to change.


Anyone else have any thoughts going into the conference?


-Bro. Alex 

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I,too, am looking forward to this conference. I held the pre-trib view for many years until I was shown how Christian authors have misinterpreted Revelation 3:10 to apply to the rapture. I know there is a lot of debate regarding this scripture. I, like you, am not going to be dogmatic about it, but I think we have to be open to an opposing view. As I have always said, if the post-trib view is correct, then we prepared the saints for what is to come and have pleased God. If the pre-trib view is correct, we did no harm. If, however, our belief in the pre-trib rapture led us to teach the saints "don't worry, be happy" and we are wrong, those saints will not be prepared for the perilous times that are just ahead, and some, due to anger or confusion, will not "endure to the end". That is why this is a serious topic worthy of discussion. Bro. Nigel

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