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We’ve just completed a weekend with Bro. Martin Schmaltz teaching on Apostolic Authority. I must say it has been very beneficial for our assembly. (We also had him in our home-group meeting on Sat. which was an additional blessing for all involved.) The teaching was outstanding and the Sunday night meeting brought some pleasant happenings as well. While there were quite a few that claimed healing, there are two that I can personally attest to. (Haven’t had a chance to talk to others yet.)

Immediately after the service, one of my daughters came up to me saying, “Dad! It’s all gone! It’s all gone!” She’s had a problem in her right shoulder – front and back, and her collar bone coming out of place in the neck area. Her husband would push it back in place for her. It’s been two days now – no more problem!

The other is my wife. She also had a problem in her right arm. She had just bought an elastic support to wear over her elbow – it hurt so. Her right hand was cold and numb. At home after service she said, “Honey, all I have left of that is a little spot in my elbow and a little spot on my shoulder. But feel this.” She put her hand on mine and it was warm as toast. Also, the numbness in her hand was gone! By the next morning, the two “little spots” were gone as well. Two days later – still no problem! Needless to say, she’s happy.

These happened by the saints taking authority over the situation in Jesus’ Name as Bro. Martin taught them. So, quite obviously, to God be the glory for the things He hath done!

This is a ministry that actually helps equip the saints – the congregation – not just “preachers”. Our pastor and I purposefully stayed out of the praying (for a long while) so as not to interfer with the saints taking authority by themselves (personally, I didn't want them to think, "Oh, here's Bro. So and So praying for me. God will surely move now.") The results were wonderful I highly recommend this ministry if one is looking for something to acutually do more than just rev up the saints.

I must also say it was a delight not only to have Bro. Martin at our assembly, but in my home at our home-group meeting as well. Now he can say he’s been to Flatwoods, KY! Woooo Hoooo!

Thank you, Bro. Martin for being obedient to what the Lord has shown you…and for coming our way.

Good Health & God Bless!

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Comment by Edward Graham on May 5, 2010 at 12:26pm
Praise the Lord. Our God is truly wonderful. Hallelujah......
Comment by Martin Schmaltz on April 1, 2010 at 8:11am
Bro. Donnie, Thanks for the testimony. Jesus is so good!

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