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In October of 2004 I (Jim) attended my first Glorious Church Conference. I had been discussing, reading and studying biblical eldership but needed a little more information and to see where others were at in this process.


Process? Yes, the process of going from being a solo/single pastor to becoming an elder led assembly. After leaving the Conference I went home and shared with the other men what I learned, and we started Elder Training in January of 2005.


The first book we studied was Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch, and we started meeting once a month.  After that we used many other lessons, materials, books and hands on training.


In 2009 we started meeting twice a month.  In 2010 we started meeting once a week, and still do, also by October 2010 the men involved had attended the Glorious Church Conf three times.


By the Summer/Fall of 2010 we began to feel like the time of appointment was drawing near, but we also knew we had not had any deep disagreements. If you don’t know, you will find out, that for there to be biblical eldership the men involved should come to a place where if there isn’t 100% agreement we don’t decide until there is.  To get to that place there has to be honesty, transparency and accountability, and to get there; there have to be heart felt, deep disagreements. Why?  To lay aside our opinions and to search the Word of God, understanding what it says about a topic, and to do that there has to be men who are mature enough to stay with the process, men who also want what is the best for the assembly, not their personal motive or agenda (See Acts 15). By the fall of 2010 this had happened, and it drew us closer together, not apart.


In one particular meeting on October 18, 2010 the Holy Ghost came in such a powerful way as Brandon, Nigel and I repented, prayed and worshipped we knew that God had confirmed our appointments.


With great appreciation for all the help and support of the Carlisle assembly we couldn’t think of anyone else we would rather ask than Dave, Steve, Jamie and their wives to be apart of our elder appointment.


On April 10, 2011 at our 11:00am service we will be appointing and celebrating the appointment of Nigel Brown, Brandon Steinke and Jim Moses. We invite you to join our wives and the saints of Abundant Life in sharing this special time.




Brandon, Nigel, Jim


Sunday April 10th at 11:00am

Abundant Life

1909 Highland Ave.

Janesville, Wi. 53548




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Comment by Jim Moses on March 9, 2011 at 6:53am
Thank you Bro. We met again last night (each week) and we are really excited. If your not to far away we would love to have you visit April 10th or any time.

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